Supports at-risk activists and communities  in Afghanistan and collaborates with the Uplift Afghanistan Fund.


Aids in establishing a dedicated site at the Atlantic Council South Asia Centre, as part of its approach to centre the expertise and experiences of communities experiencing conflict and socio-political transitions.


Designs and convenes high-level trilateral dialogues at the Atlantic Council South Asia Centre until June 2021, utilising CEP's equity-centred model. This approach recognises the global scope of contemporary challenges requiring dialogue and action across multiple levels.


Collaborates on a report at the Atlantic Council South Asia Center on combating illicit networks while supporting peace process.


Facilitates a campaigns and communications workshop in Brussels for Afghan civic actors.


Holds a high-level retreat on peace and security in Afghanistan.


Supports a number of high-level events, including at the London School of Economics with UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura.


Provides comprehensive  analysis and advises  on creating an inclusive civil society mechanism in peace processes, including designing a communications strategy.


Co-sponsors the largest Afghan diaspora conference in London, to build networks and coalitions.


Supports  BuzzFeed to craft a long-form piece on Afghan women activists, as part of CEP’s strategy of placing critical voices and narratives at the forefront of political and social discourse.


Collaborates with the University of Cambridge and the Rahila Trust to initiate the Academic Diaspora Conference, as part of CEP’s ecosystems model to foster alliances.


Provides direct peace advisory support and in depth analysis to key stakeholders in the Afghan peace process until June 2021.


Champions journalism training in rural areas.


Conducts a radio poll in eastern Afghanistan with data on the peace talks.


Funds “Time 4 Real Peace“, a coalition advocating for Afghan women and youth, as part of CEP's expanding focus in campaigning and communications.