CEP draws on a wide network of experts, advisors and civic leaders to provide the following services: 

We place immense value on the knowledge, skills, and experience of those directly engaged with on-the-ground realities in shaping solutions-oriented policies.  We firmly believe that these individuals and communities are essential in formulating solution-focused policies that address the root causes of prevailing challenges and are amplified within the global policy-making sphere.

Our strategy leverages diverse forms of expertise and networks, including the invaluable knowledge inherent within grassroots communities and peripheral groups. We don’t simply advocate for initiating change from the grassroots level – we value and harness the wisdom that originates from the ground up. This approach underpins our efforts to push for and develop policies that are ethical, adaptable, and effective.

•  Action-oriented research and design
  Systems analysis and foresight
Stakeholder Mapping & Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

We shape processes, strategise plans, and facilitate multilayered dialogues that result in policies and narratives that are firmly rooted in the lived experiences and insights of the communities we serve while also addressing global dynamics.

Our efforts extend beyond mere advocacy; we serve as an active conduit bridging the space between grassroots realities and high-level policy dialogues.  We strive to ensure that the voices and experiences of communities are not only heard but form the bedrock of discussions and decisions. With CEP, policy-making isn’t just about top-down decisions; it’s about grounding strategies in realities and striving for genuine, lasting change.

•  Dialogue Design & Facilitations
•  Grassroots Support & Network Building
•  Policy Engagement  & Communications & Coaching/Support

A fundamental aspect of CEP’s work is about tapping into the transformative potential of communications to drive change and to reshape narratives. Through independent storytelling and strategic audience engagement, we position critical voices and narratives at the heart of discourse.

Our efforts focus on highlighting, preserving, and amplifying the knowledge and expertise of communities fervently striving for just and enduring peace. We provide advocacy and communications training, create platforms, and connect key voices to popular media.

We collaborate closely with civil actors to mobilise for change. By harnessing collective power and leveraging shared platforms, we work towards catalysing social transformation, one story, one voice at a time. We believe communication is more than mere messaging; it’s about creating dialogues, nurturing connections, and uniting voices for a shared cause.

Our work includes:

•  Media campaigns & Dissemination Strategies
•  Campaign Design & Execution
•  Advocacy & Communications Training

We bring together a diverse range of tools, expertise, and insights to provide advisory services for civic actors, experts, activists and policymakers.  Our approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines, including peacemaking, communications, campaigning, and process design. 

We leverage our robust analysis and networks to provide expert advice and strategic support that is rooted in real-world contexts. Our goal is to offer advice that not only addresses immediate concerns but also fosters long-term, positive change.

Civic Engagement Project (CEP) Timeline of Selected Activities



Afghanistan Engagement Project (AEP) launches to support civic activists and young leaders through action-oriented research and community engagement. 


Supports the launch of Afghanistan Now –  a platform dedicated to amplifying a diverse range of stories from both Afghans within the country and those in diaspora communities to counterbalance singular narratives.


Supports grassroots initiatives, including the Orange Blossom Festival, cricket games, and cross-community network building, strengthening the diversity and intricate ecosystems of local communities.


Supports activists at the Brussels conference, to facilitate their critical narratives and insights to reach policymakers.


Designs leadership retreats for young leaders from across Afghanistan, creating a model of civic leadership development for young reformers and activists.


Backs the Women for Peace and Participation conference at the London School of Economics.


Fosters a ‘sister cities’ cultural collaboration between a US city and an Afghan provincial city.


The Civic Engagement Project (CEP) is launched, building on the foundations set by AEP and in response to demands to replicate its model in other contexts.


Funds “Time 4 Real Peace“, a coalition advocating for Afghan women and youth, as part of CEP’s expanding focus in campaigning and communications.


Provides direct peace advisory support and in depth analysis to key stakeholders in the Afghan peace process until June 2021.


Champions journalism training in rural areas.


Conducts a radio poll in eastern Afghanistan with data on the peace talks.


Collaborates with the University of Cambridge and the Rahila Trust to initiate the Academic Diaspora Conference, as part of CEP’s ecosystems model to foster alliances.


Supports  BuzzFeed to craft a long-form piece on Afghan women activists, as part of CEP’s strategy of placing critical voices and narratives at the forefront of political and social discourse.


Co-sponsors the largest Afghan diaspora conference in London, to build networks and coalitions.


Holds a high-level retreat on peace and security in Afghanistan.


Supports a number of high-level events, including at the London School of Economics with UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura.


Provides comprehensive  analysis and advises  on creating an inclusive civil society mechanism in peace processes, including designing a communications strategy.


Designs international advocacy and communications training for key stakeholders in Afghanistan, with a focus on critical skills and knowledge required to effectively influence policy at local,  national and international levels.


Facilitates a campaigns and communications workshop in Brussels for Afghan civic actors.


Collaborates on a report at the Atlantic Council South Asia Center on combating illicit networks while supporting peace process.


Aids in establishing a dedicated site at the Atlantic Council South Asia Centre, as part of its approach to centre the expertise and experiences of communities experiencing conflict and socio-political transitions.


Designs and convenes high-level trilateral dialogues at the Atlantic Council South Asia Centre until June 2021, utilising CEP’s equity-centred model. This approach recognises the global scope of contemporary challenges requiring dialogue and action across multiple levels.


Supports at-risk activists and communities  in Afghanistan and collaborates with the Uplift Afghanistan Fund.


Collaborates with Uplift Afghanistan Fund to co-create the Preservation of Arts and Culture fund to safeguard artistic traditions and cultural practices and offer a model for creative preservation in communities confronted by conflict, climate issues, and other challenges.


Designs a series of dialogues for the London School Economics/PeaceRep and advises on crisis management and evacuations for key international stakeholders, applying learning from other contexts.


Provides expert input into design of high-level international consultation mechanism and co-convenes key dialogues.


Assists activists attending the Herat Security Dialogue in Tajikistan to ensure diverse expertise are platfomed and heard.


Designs and convenes a retreat for a US foundation bringing together key human rights activists to drive collaborative discussions and build new alliances.


Launches the Afghanistan Research Network at LSE/Peacerep to safeguard and amplify Afghan expertise and connect ground level expertise to international policy making.


Supports and provides expert input into Istanbul training for young female activists held by Omid International.