The Civic Engagement Project (CEP) is launched, building on the foundations set by AEP and in response to demands to replicate its model in other contexts.


Supports and provides expert input into Istanbul training for young female activists held by Omid International.


Fosters a ‘sister cities’ cultural collaboration between a US city and an Afghan provincial city.


Launches the Afghanistan Research Network at LSE/Peacerep to safeguard and amplify Afghan expertise and connect ground level expertise to international policy making.


Designs and convenes a retreat for a US foundation bringing together key human rights activists to drive collaborative discussions and build new alliances.


Provides expert input into design of high-level international consultation mechanism and co-convenes key dialogues.


Designs a series of dialogues for the London School Economics/PeaceRep and advises on crisis management and evacuations for key international stakeholders, applying learning from other contexts.


Designs international advocacy and communications training for key stakeholders in Afghanistan, with a focus on critical skills and knowledge required to effectively influence policy at local,  national and international levels.


Assists activists attending the Herat Security Dialogue in Tajikistan to ensure diverse expertise are platfomed and heard.


Collaborates with Uplift Afghanistan Fund to co-create the Preservation of Arts and Culture fund to safeguard artistic traditions and cultural practices and offer a model for creative preservation in communities confronted by conflict, climate issues, and other challenges.